Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hello Everyone,
In case you are looking and wondering, I've hurt my back and have forced myself not to train, or yoga, or PRACTICE in order to heal. It's driving me mental, but there it is. I hope all of you are safe and healthy, thriving and productive.

Very Best,


Friday, October 10, 2008


"I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands."  Louise Bourgeois, sculptor

That's what I have today.  It seems appropriate ( I don't know about the hands part, but if you stop after the word "do" ...)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

a blur in practice

October 8th

Okay so I made the comment about the floor. To be more clear and more honest, I rarely go to the floor. Now DH has said that she doesn't see this going to the floor really, and by "this" I mean I'LL CRANE FOR YOU. But what else? She has also suggested (humorously in part) that the problem with going to the floor is that you have to get back off the floor and there aren't many people who can do this in a very interesting way. (The gauntlet is down!) The audience knows you are getting up at some point and will (this is me now) anticipate it and there is a kind of "prove it" attitude suggested here. Unless you are (as one friend noted to me) a great butoh artist and are spending the entire dance on the floor and what we watch is the enormous dilemma of trying to get up - and that IS the dance. But that is not our dance. And, at the same time, I feel like I have to spend a lot of time on the floor in order to understand this fully. But I'll wait until my back is not in SPASM. For today, upright and dealing with the questions is just fine.

One thing I cannot let get me down is that I realize that in light of DH's statement, "I recognize my choreography when I see a dancer’s self-regulated transcendence of his/her choreographed body," that not only are we choreograhed bodies created by our environment, our nature/nourture, our stings and our succeses, but that we are choreographing ourselves all the time every moment. It's like habit I suppose. We acquire habit the first part of our lives as a survival mechanism and then spend the second half of our lives shaking off these habits to be finally free. And so dancing, or creating in any form, must be a way of countering this constant and unconscious and relentless "choreographing" that is going on all the time.

What's the word? Ah, "surrender." Good choice of words. Surrender the moment and there's no time for anything to cling because there is no time to assess how it's going nor indulge nor process the moment.

Okay, good.

Good night dear ones.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So's you know

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October 7th

Question: What's my relationship to the floor? Good question. And I can't shake it. It's clearly based on the inevitability of getting Off the floor.

Observation: Invite being seen, Get what you need, Surrender the pattern of fixing on a singular direction, idea, feeling, object, Invite being seen, again.

The human brain we know can do only one thing at a time. However, it does it extremely quickly - so quickly that it seems that everything is happening at once and in a coherent way. But this is a fiction. So as I practice I keep changing or reminding myself of each of these prompts. Brother. As DH says, it's impossible. "What if ..." you could? Isn't that fun? It is. And impossible. It's mind boggling to have all this going on at the same time, and then clearly have no choice but to experience the dance that is happening. It's happening because you entered. That's all I have for now.

My friend Julie Lockett has posted some photos on Flickr. Check them out if you like.

Very best to you all,


Poem of the day (or whenever I change it)

Always the setting forth was the same,
Same sea, same dangers waiting for him
As though he had got nowhere but older.
Behind him on the receding shore
The identical reproaches, and somewhere
Out before him, the unravelling patience
He was wedded to. There were the islands
Each with its woman and twining welcome
To be navigated, and one to call ``home.''
The knowledge of all that he betrayed
Grew till it was the same whether he stayed
Or went. Therefore he went. And what wonder
If sometimes he could not remember
Which was the one who wished on his departure
Perils that he could never sail through,
And which, improbable, remote, and true,
Was the one he kept sailing home to?

By: W.S.Merwin